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Topic: CSS Grid Layout: A Workshop With Your New Layout BFF




Title:  CSS Grid Layout: A Workshop With Your New Layout BFF

Nils Rasmussen

CSS Grid will be native in several current browsers within 60 days. Join us for a workshop-style presentation where we walk you through the use of grid for common layouts and show how succinct it can be when replacing existing layout code. We�ll also cover questions like �When should we start using it?�, �What about responsive?� and �Is Grid single, cause I want to marry it!� Bring your laptop and prepare to learn CSS Grid Layout!

Hi there. I�m Nils, a front end developer for I�ve been doing front end development and graphic design professionally since 2005. My passions are creating and building � whether it�s using CSS and Javascript, a table saw and pocket holes, or creating videos for my YouTube channel (DIY Nils). A day of creating followed by movie night in the basement with my wife and kids? Yes, please!

LUNCH: Pizza and drinks will be provided by


Riverton Office Building

3740 West Market Drive, Riverton, UT, 84065

The Riverton Office Building (ROB) houses the headquarters of the Church’s Information and Communication Services Department (ICS). The ROB also has a Family History Center and a Family Services Center.


The ROB is located at 3740 West Market Drive, Riverton, UT, 84065. Click this Google Map for directions.


Public transport has greatly improved in the past couple years. Utah Transit Authority (UTA) does have a number of bus lines that run to the building and offer connections to both light rail and Frontrunner. Bus lines Riverton F518 and F547 connect to Daybreak Trax while the 526 provides access to the Draper Frontrunner station. An over view map of the UTA system is available online.

WEBEX if you can't come in person the meeting will be recorded

Future Topics:
Frontend development
Responsive Design
BootStrap (Twitters Javascript UI)
Mobile Strategy
Git and GitHub






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