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11 Year Old Writes About Slavery














Ballerina Kyra Grace Clarke (speaking as an abolitionist in the 1800’s)

I am here today to explain the crudeness and cruelty of slavery.  Slavery can damage both the slaveholder’s, and slave’s heart and soul. The appearance of a person does not define their value, therefore slavery should not continue.  A person should not benefit from another’s misery.

Freeing your slaves will not only benefit them, but will save your own soul from hardening your heart.  As I have told you, slavery is the worst possible way to live a good and charitable life. It will be difficult for a person to be comfortable while being a slave. Which, leads to the Golden Rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. Slavery does not follow that proverb!

It has been said that freedom and agency has always been the plan, but that has been confiscated from those who deserve to have their rights! Anyone deserves their rights, no matter the circumstances. Our lives are based on our freedom to choose our own way and you have taken that away from people who are more than worthy to choose their lifestyle.

Just because an African American has not had as much education as yourself does not mean it is right to take advantage of that and use it wrongly.  When a person is not well educated, they should be taught, and for some extremely strange reason that has become illegal! Would you like it if your increase of knowledge was postponed for your entire life? Any person would definitely not appreciate such a thing.

No man owns another man. A person acquires himself, and only his self. Saying, that, slavery is unnatural, and should stop, so that every man can be in control of their self henceforth. I am opinionated to the fact that slavery is wrong, impulsive, and is a horrid idea that any man should create. Colored men, and any men, are not property. They are not work animals, they are men, and they should be treated as men!

It is right to be loyal to all mankind, even if they are different from you. It is right to be generous and kind to all men, therefore, slavery is not right! The universe has spoken to me, to stop the wickedness you have wrought upon yourselves, and to be rid of slavery!

I must say, that soon, people will come to their senses, and realize the pain and suffering you have brought to fellow men who are trying to live as they should be living. Someday, you will feel the sorrow the slaves had felt their whole lives. And then, the slaves shall no longer be slaves and relief will fill your soul! You will be uplifted and your burden of sorrow will be off your shoulders!

So, do you choose to continue to keep innocent people captive, and treat them the way no person should ever be treated, or free them, and give them the glory of liberty every good American deserves!? Free your slaves!  Show them the confections of a life with liberty! You know what is right, so take action now, and live a better life.

-Kyra G. Clarke
February 2017


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